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Tips to Get the Most out of your Electrical Inspection


We’re all guilty of ignoring our electrical circuitry until there is a problem with it. We’re so used to having electricity that we don’t even think about it until something goes wrong, so to avoid outages you should have an electrical inspection.

It’s recommended that you have an electrical inspection carried out at least every 10 years in an owner-occupied home, or every 5 years in a rented property.

To get the most out of your electrical inspection, there are a few things you should ask your electrician as they are inspecting and testing your property’s electrical installation.

Ask about building regulations

If your electrical installation is getting old, you should ask your electrical inspector if your fittings comply with the building regulations. If they no longer meet the standards, you could face trouble if you look to sell your property. If an electrical inspection does reveal that your installation doesn’t meet the building regulations, it might be time for a full electrical rewire.


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All good electrical inspectors will ensure that your installation is safe. Electrical panels and circuits need to be insulated to reduce the risk of electric shocks. The inspector will also make sure that electric panelling is not installed near damp or wet areas.

Ask about current and voltage

It’s your responsibility to understand the current and voltage that goes through your electrical circuitry. Ask your electrical inspector what current and voltage you’re running on.

Appliances like washing machines and televisions use a lot of electricity, and you must connect them to the right circuitry so you don’t end up with short-circuits and fluctuations in voltage.

Check everything before the electrician leaves

Once the electrical inspection has been carried out, make sure that all your panels are working properly. Make sure your electrician tells you about all the repairs they have carried out and gives you an Electrical Condition Report (EICR), which outlines all the checks and repairs made.

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