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It’s no surprise that the economic problems facing the UK have started to affect the electrical industry too. At a time when more and more people are looking to save, homeowners and small businesses have started to carry out electrical work themselves. This is rather than hiring a professional to complete the job.

But despite the obvious benefit of saving a bit of money by doing the work yourself, there is the serious risk of injury from accidents. Remember that electrics can be very dangerous and it’s always unwise to carry out work without a Part P membership. There are increasing concerns of the quality and safety of DIY electrical works.

Of course, there are always those little jobs which many people will feel fully equipped to do themselves. This would include changing light bulbs and plug fuses. Some will even feel capable of switching cracked or broken wall sockets.

Yet it is the more advanced electrical work that people are turning their hand to. This is more likely to cause an accident and should always be completed by a professional electrician. DIY is simply not the best cure.

Below you’ll find three clear reasons to hire an electrician than carry out electrical work yourself:

  • Safety

The safety of electrical work is the number one reason you shouldn’t attempt anything too advanced. As you’ll know electricity can be deadly, killing or seriously injuring those who come into contact with it. If there is any work you’re unsure of then you need to contact an electrician who will carry out the work safely.

  • Skill and knowledge

Electricians have the correct qualifications to deal with electrical work safely and often have years of experience in a range of services. Without these qualifications or experience you’re not best placed to complete the work. Never attempt the work yourself because it could cause problems in the future.

  • The cost

Although you’ll save money on electrical work by doing the job yourself, this won’t be the case if you make a mess of it. Any errors can be extremely costly and you could pay out on call-outs for repair. This will probably end up costing you more than hiring a professional electrician in the first place.

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