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Your seven tips from an electrician


Your home should be your pride and joy, so you always want to take the upmost care with any work completed in or around your property. To do this though you need to bear a lot of things in mind, and this includes choosing the right person for any job.

Take a look at seven tips from a qualified electrician, designed to help you get the most from your home.

1. Always listen

Experts are in their position for a reason. Whether it’s a plumber, builder or electrician, they’ll be qualified to carry out their work and best placed to give you advice and support. So listen to what they have to say and believe them.

2. Choose a point of contact

When undergoing any home renovations it’s important for you to have a main point of contact – someone you’ll go to for updates or explanations. With this in place everything will run smoothly and mistakes can be avoided.

3. Set your budget

A budget is important because you don’t want to start spending more than you have available for any project. As well as this, have a contingency budget in place to allow for anything that may go wrong. You don’t want a spanner in the works causing mayhem.

4. Space out your payments

Never pay the full cost upfront as you’re just asking for trouble. Instead, agree staggered payments with your contractor and ensure both parties are aware of these.

5. Don’t lose your head over delays

Whilst we all want everything to be perfect, it makes sense to appreciate that things can go wrong and a project may have problems that couldn’t have been anticipated. Factors such as the weather can even come into play when it comes to roofing, concrete and foundations. So don’t accuse your contractors of being lazy and appreciate that it’s not always possible to be exactly on schedule.

6. Don’t choose cheap over quality

It’s always worth getting a number of quotes for work you want completed, but don’t just choose the cheapest. You have to ask yourself why it’s so cheap in the first place. Instead, pick a contractor with plenty of experience and fantastic referrals.

7. Expect disruption to your home life

This is especially the case if it’s a big job and what else can you expect really. Depending on the work it could become part of your daily life and something you simply need to accept. Make sure to plan thoroughly beforehand and it won’t cause too much of an issue.

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