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Why have an electrics testing and inspection?


When it comes to your home’s electrics it’s recommended to have a full testing an inspection of the system at least once a year. By doing this you’ll ensure your lines are safe and there are no hidden problems which could cost you a fortune.

If a fault does strike your home electrics you could be left without power until an electrician is hired, leaving you with hefty repair bills too. A professional may even recommend a full home rewire if the problem is extensive.

Reasons you would need a home rewiring

If there’s a problem with your electrics, an inspection from a professional could highlight the need for a full home rewire. This could be because the wiring isn’t adequate for your property and a rewire will ensure improved safety and efficiency.

The following reasons show why a rewiring could be needed:

  • If the wiring is 25 years old. It’s recommended to have a full house rewiring every 25 years to make sure everything is safe and in full working order.
  • If there’s a faulty line. A problem will see you without electricity to a room or socket in your home and could need to be rewired. Leaving the problem could escalate the situation and present danger to you and your family.
  • If you are suffering from a faulty RCD that keeps tripping. If this is happening to you it’s best to have the electrics looked at sooner rather than later.
  • Switching rubber insulated wiring. This kind of wiring hasn’t been installed in properties since the ‘60s so your electrics will be out of date and could present a problem.

With a recommended annual inspection you can have potential faults identified and fixed before matters can worsen. This is the best way to avoid paying out large repair costs which could be financially crippling.

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