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Four reasons to switch to electric heaters


According to statistics as much as 60% of the UK population are paying 30% more on their electricity bills than they should be. This tends to be down to the efficiency of heating for those off of the mains gas grid.

One way of changing this and improving your finances is with electric heaters. They provide a high quality way to heat your home, ensuring it’s both controllable and reliable. On top of this, there’ll be reduced running costs when compared to other forms of heating and you’ll be in full charge of the controls.

Simply put, electric heaters will save you money by using energy during the cheaper night rates, storing heat, and then distributing when required.

Electric heater benefits

By installing electric heaters in your home you’ll see a range of benefits including:

  • Reliability

An electric heater will have more reliability than other forms of central heating. This includes gas boilers, which can breakdown without warning. Of course, a breakdown can be a huge inconvenience at any time, particularly in the winter when you need heat most. You’ll end up paying hundreds of pounds to have a fault fixed.

  • Reduced running costs

Electric storage heaters ensure of reducing energy bills by operating during off-peak hours. During the night they’ll fill up with heat when rates are lower, store the energy and then distribute on request with excellent controlling available.

  • Easy installation

Another of the major benefits associated with electric heaters is the ease of installation. Largely this is because there is no need for pipework and instead means electric heating is easier and cheaper to install. In fact, there are no restrictions either as to where systems can be installed.

  • Improved safety

The reason that electric heaters have an improved safety over gas appliances is that there is no fuel burnt on the premises, therefore no chances of carbon monoxide poisoning. On top of this there’s not the risk of other gas leaking from the system. Not only does this enhance safety, but you won’t need to have an annual boiler service either.

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