DIY electrician work

Doing your own electrical work could be tempting. After all, you’ll find a lot of conflicting advice on the Internet of what can or can’t be completed using DIY and perhaps you feel you have the necessary capabilities to do the work yourself.

If there’s electrical work needed around the home, make sure to look though this guide before attempting anything yourself. Remember, hiring a professional electrician is always advised.

Can homeowners carry out simple electrical jobs themselves?

Yes, homeowners can do electrical work on their home, but major jobs need to be compliant with Part P regulations. Work must be in accordance with BS7671 wiring regulations and you must also provide evidence you’re a competent person to have completed the work. This requires certification. To avoid problems, always use a Part P registered electrician.

What common mistakes do homeowners attempting electrical work make?

Electrician200-1Simple jobs such as installing light switches and fittings are most common for homeowners to tackle themselves. It’s these minor jobs people feel are reasonably straight forward and hiring a professional would be a waste of money. But remember, even though it may appear simple at first glance, especially to a trained electrician, it can quickly turn into a nightmare for the homeowner.

Electricians say they’ve been called out countless times to repair faulty work carried out by homeowners where light fittings have been damaged. There are also instances of damaged cables and occasionally a fire has been caused. This repair work ends up costing the homeowner much more than hiring a professional in the first place. That’s why advice is always to use the experts rather than trying to save a few pounds.

Can electricians certify work completed by a homeowner?

This is something quite commonly found in the electrical industry, whereby homeowners request for work to be certified. Most electricians won’t do this though, stating the work must be completed by a trained professional to start with.
As a homeowner, if you choose to do electrical work yourself, you can fall into trouble later down the line especially when wanting to move home. You’ll be asked to show certification on all work completed to show it meets set standards. Also, without certification your insurance will be invalid if there’s an injury or damage is caused to the property.

What advice is there for DIY electrical work?

Essentially, the advice given from the industry is to scrap the idea of carrying out work yourself. Always use an electrician and ensure they have Part P certification. You can also check credentials with their scheme enrolment number and registered body. When the work has been completed it’s vital to receive the certification and store this in a safe place.

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